Oakton Instruments for Water Quality Testing

Oakton® products provide incredible quality at economical prices. Whether you are performing water analysis in the lab or in the field, our products are designed with the end users requirements at top of mind. The Oakton line includes handheld portable meters, pocket testers, benchtop meters, and specialty pH/mV meters plus ISE electrodes and ISFET electrodes that handle specific ion applications and harsh environments.

Which Oakton Test and Measurement Instrument is right for you?

Shop by instrument type or the parameters you want to measure. Our selection of water quality instruments includes pH, ion, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen meters in handheld and benchtop models

Quality and convenience in the palm of your hand.

Environmental Express® Waterproof Pocket Testers™ are a simple and economical alternative to traditional meter and probe technologies providing the same reliable and accurate results. Premium, Classic or EcoTestr, we have the right tester for your budget. Or, use our Selection Guide to find the perfect tester by what you are measuring.

Premium Tester Icon Premium

  • Replaceable, double-junction electrode sensors
  • Durable for harsh applications
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Long-lasting, double-junction pH sensors

Classic Tester Icon Classic

  • Pocket tester with handheld/benchtop meter accuracy & repeatability
  • Replaceable, single-junction electrode sensors

EcoTestr Icon EcoTestr™

  • Reliable, easy to use
  • The most economical, single junction option
Waterproof Pocket Testers
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Find the right electrodes and buffers

Oakton also provides a range of electrodes and buffers. Choose from the electrodes and buffers offered and read the guide to help  you select the ones best for your application.
The Secret to Well-Functioning pH Meters? (It's the Electrodes!)

Oakton Premium Testers
Oakton Premium Testers

The Best Just Got Better

Oakton EcoTestr pH 2+ video review

Oakton EcoTestr pH 2+ Pocket pH Meter

"I definitely give this one a big thumbs up."
- The Green Cabby

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