Summer pHun begins with proper pH

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Millions will be heading to the swimming pool as public pools across the country officially open for business. Before jumping into any pool, keep in mind the importance of proper pH levels in the water.  

Oakton pHTestr® 30+ Waterproof Pocket Tester

Oakton® Waterproof pHTestr™ 30

Proper water pH is arguably one of the most critical aspects of maintaining correct swimming pool chemistry. Many articles describe how to properly maintain your pool chemistry and pH levels, so this post won’t detail how to manage your pool chemistry. Instead, think of this as a public service reminder to consider the importance of pool pH and take steps to check your swimming pool’s levels. Add chemicals as appropriate.To determine your pH levels, get a pH testing device from a local pool supply store or hardware store. Cole-Parmer also offers an option for private pool owners or large public swimming pools. Check out our line of pH testing meters.  

Electrode sensors include a clog-resistant Kynar® junction and a recessed, glass pH bulb to protect against breakage. The keypad clicks to confirm operation, and allows access to a variety of functions. Calibrate up to three pH points with the auto-buffer recognition at both USA and NIST standard buffers. Additional features include automatic temperature compensation (ATC), hold function, auto-off function, self-diagnostic error messages, and a three-segment battery-life indicator.    

pHydron Ultrafine pH Paper Set Strips

pHydron Ultrafine pH Paper Strips

Another alternative for basic confirmations of pH, are pH indicators and pH paper strips from Cole-Parmer.

Let the pHun begin!    





We want to hear from you. Leave a comment and share how you plan to spend Memorial Day weekend. Are you headed to the beach or pool? Any plans for a cookout at the park? What is your ideal Memorial Day weekend activity? 

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