Fiberscopes and Borescopes

Fiberscopes and Borescopes
We have a selection of fiberscopes and borescopes to meet your needs. A borescope is an optical device consisting of either a flexible or a rigid tube containing fiber optic elements. At one end is an eyepiece for viewing and at the opposite end an objective lens. A built-in light source is directed through separate optical fibers to illuminate the inspection target. A fiberscope is more flexible and has a supple shaft which allows for viewing around bends and through narrow access holes. A video borescope has a video capture device and a viewing screen for real-time imaging or recording. Key criteria for buying these inspection tools include shaft (probe) length, diameter, field of view, and bend radius. Select the largest diameter shaft (probe) that your application can accommodate to give you the best resolution and maximize light transmission. For video, consider display size and resolution.
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