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Level Control Products

Level Control Products
Our level control products are perfect for use with large and medium industrial tanks and storage vessels. We offer level sensors, float switches, optical switches, and ultrasonic transmitters and controllers to meet your range of level sensing and control applications. Liquid level control switches are the components of liquid control systems that control the power to the pump. Float switches and optic switches work with single-and dual-point control systems to keep a tank from overflowing or running dry, or to keep a tank filled between two critical points. An optic sensor can also work with a leak detection system when installed around a container or pipe. An ultrasonic sensor works with a continuous-level control system that provides continuous analog output that is proportional to the level at all times. Use liquid level controllers with an air-operated diaphragm pump. Controllers have a sensing tube (installed in the fluid) and a valve head connected to the compressed air supply line in series with the pump. As the liquid rises in the sensing tube, air pressure within the tube increases. The increase in pressure is transmitted to a diaphragm in the valve head, activating an air pilot valve that opens or closes the main valve, turning the air supply to the pump on or off.
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