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Comprehensive service and support for all single & multichannel pipettes both manual and electronic, as well as a range of calibration options to meet individual needs. 
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Sometimes a specification or package size just doesn’t meet your requirements. We understand that one solution does not fit all. If you can’t find exactly what you need, our Special and Custom Ordering capabilities can help locate the product you need. We have access to thousands of products beyond what is offered here.
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For select customers, Cole-Parmer provides integrated eProcurement options to support your organization’s strategic initiatives in spend management. We offer our eProcurement customers seamless integration with most eProcurement platforms. We specifically have strategic partnerships with Ariba, Sciquest, Oracle and Coupa. We support both punchout (cXML) and hosted catalog solutions. Our dedicated team of eProcurement experts provide you with ongoing support, before, during and after implementation. If you’re interested in implementing any of our eProcurement solutions
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